Why I stopped taking kids to the Belgrade Zoo

What would be the right caption under the first pic?
“Please…kill me”?
It sure felt like it at the time.
I actually felt horrible taking that picture, unable to do anything for this little guy, but I felt it needed to be documented and shown.

I don’t think I’ve been to the Zoo since.
Even our toddler back then completely understood why and never asked to go to the Zoo again.
He saw with his own eyes and deeply felt the overwhelming misery, sadness and tragedy of each tortured soul we saw at this “Garden of Good Hope”, as they call the Hopeless Hell that is their home.

#belgrade #beograd #serbia

#srbija #belgradezoo
#animals #belgradewildlife

lemur edited

The amazing (hi)story of yet another magnificent animal – The one-armed Muja: The Oldest Alligator in the World, you can read riiiiiiight here!


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