video This is what I found when I uploaded camera to my computer

So, amongst all the photos I was about to sort out, I noticed there’s this one video file.

Our boy was about 6 years old, very much into Legos and, apparently, secretly fancied himself to be one of those Youtubers he loved watching unpack the coolest new Lego sets and do “how to build” tutorials..

He’s never had his Youtube channel. Nor his own computer, for that matter. He was only 6, after all.                                                                                                                 

He had no idea that he was enjoying his very last completely carefree pre-school summer, about to start the 1st grade in September.

We never saw him use the camera before either. Mostly because he was way too young and he wasn’t really allowed to play with it.

Watching this clip now, I can clearly hear our voices in the background, so I’ve gotta give it to him – he managed to complete his (first?) proper little Lego video tutorial, all on his very own, no script, no special “vlogger lighting”, no tripods for the camera, not even overly usage of zoom… and he managed to do it so very, very quietly, without us even noticing it from the other room.

I actually remember him getting this Lego Ninjago set he’s been wanting soooo much.. So when his sweet Grandma came for a visit, she got him what he desired the most. Desired, but never ever whined nor whinged about it, never demanded, never made those cringy “roll on the shop floor” scenes most parents experience and fear… Somehow, he’s always been very reasonable about his biggest wants and wishes, even when writing to Santa, which would often make us feel sort of…humble and deeply proud of our baby boy.

He was so overwhelmed and happy and grateful and excited..and after hours of playing with it, he had decided the skeletons needed horses. So, he designed them some battle horses, hand-held and practical, made of bones, of course, to fit the theme.

As always, his design was (I later got a chance to study it closely) very elegant, smooth, with “less is more” always a present motto.

I have to digress now for a moment:

One of his very first original Lego designs was something completely unrelated to Lego.  He was barely 3, still running around in diapers, yet unusually focused on his little building projects, and then he showed us his “Stingray” – an animal which for some reason has been fascinating him more then others, even though he could hardly even pronounce the name of it in Serbian (Riba Raža)..

The design of this first original Lego engineering of his, was so perfectly clear and simple and flowing the right way and so beautifully true..  it just blew us away:

Stingray by V (age 5)
It’s a perfect Stingray, right? 

Back to the secret Skeleton Horseman tutorial, he was secretly shooting.

He made this new Lego set even better, making the matching skeleton horse all by himself, and then he felt he needed to share it all with everyone, with all the other Lego lovin’ kids in the world. Just like he watched those Youtubers do it many times before.

Only…he very well knew he was not allowed to use our camera, especially not unsupervised.

He’s never mentioned this clip to us, he’s never asked for us to upload or even watch his video… Never a peep about it, at all.

I have no idea if he thought that he was somehow streaming live into the Lego fan Universe straight from the camera..

I just know that seeing this now put the biggest smile on my face after a rather heavy day, so I thought I’d share it with you.


3rd skelleton horseman

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