How to destroy a perfectly ruined thing

Wiki: Ivan Kosančić was a Serbian knight who died during the historical Battle of Kosovo in 1389.

The statue, work of the sculptor Petar Ubavkic, was ripped out of it’s place from house number 13 in Kosancicev venac street, back in 2009, and then wrapped in sheets, waiting for the city government to repair it.

Finally, the bust was placed back. And now, when I see what they’ve done to this wonderful, charming spot, I honestly feel they should’ve left it at that – just put the bust back in, do just the urgent repairs and for god’s sake do not touch any paint!

I’m sure the tenants of No. 13 would totally disagree with me because I doubt there were any reparations made since the house was built in 1892, and also – everybody likes to live in a pretty house, but I always thought it was one of the prettiest houses in our neighborhood. Bust or no bust.

This is what Kosancicev venac 13 looked like for years. It was probably the most photographed corner in Belgrade. By tourists and locals as well.

Kosancicev venac
Where’s Ivan

Before it was vandalized, Ivan Kosancic bust made it’s way to The Saints’ 13th studio album “Imperious Delirium”. Cover was designed by Klaas Wijnberg and the album was released in 2006.

saints 1
Album cover by Klaas Wijnberg, 2006.
cd 2
Back cover

Today, once charming apotheosis of “urban decay”, one of the most recognized buildings in the old part of Belgrade looks, to me, like it was done by someone who does not like Belgrade. At all.

There’s Ivan.
Kosancicev Venac 13
Ivan Kosancic bust, by sculptor Petar Ubavkic.
New old lost it’s charm for me

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