Dear Diary, today I learned about “The Intellectual Dark Web”

May 9th 2018

Dear Diary,

Today I learned that both Cas and I are apparently balls deep into “The Intellectual Dark Web”.

I had no idea such thing existed, to be honest.

Not sure if I should now feel super clever or if I should take a shower.

Actually, I had no idea that that is what “Common Sense & Opinions Based on Facts” is called nowadays.

Equalizing buying snuff porn, people or meth online with believing there is in fact a biological difference between men and women, or that the Earth is round, is where we are currently as a society, it seems.

I’m not gonna lie, my mind is a wee bit blown by the complete ridiculous, dangerous madness that is Our Time.

Will our kids have their University professors teach them their personal preferences and opinions or factual information?

Will they also have to reach out deep into anything labeled “dark” on the web, in order to find basic common sense, science and truth?

Will Political Correctness continue to shapeshift and morph into this rapidly growing Beast that Ate Humanity and shat it out in a form of no-gravity nonsense diarrhea we will be forced to perpetually swim in, pretending we’re on a Bali beach?

Wouldn’t this World we’re briefly visiting be such thoroughly better place if suddenly labels like “left” and “right” (“alt” or other) would simply vanish, forcing us to be a bit less reckless and a bit more responsible in our communications and dealing with the world around us?

All things considered, shouldn’t it be at least called “The Refreshingly Bright Web” or “The Light At The End of The Humanity Tunnel Web”?

Just sayin’…

About “The Intellectual Dark Web”:

Jordan Peterson - Rules For Life
“Rules For Life” by Jordan Peterson poster available here



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