Who Gives Two Shits About The Ramones, Anyways

Dear Diary,
I don’t know…

I’m not gonna lie, every time I see this kind of sensless, idiotic, super obvious and vast lack of ideas and talent, it upsets me on some rather weird, deep level.
I know… I know that our own turbo-folk singers wear H&M Ramones shirts…and MotorheadSlayer even… Probably ‘cos they’ve seen the new Cosmo with Kardashians wearing these…

I know that Hello Kitty conglomerate has a whole Kiss (band) series…from toys, to clothes and toasters to tents and champagne. Alcoholic, yes, ‘cos kids like to get buzzed when they drink their Hello Kitty drinks.
But still, to me this is not as bonecrushingly bad ‘cos
A) the band Kiss decided to make money this way so they sold their name, and
B) They became exactly this, a Hello Kitty kinda band, during late 70s

But at least (nja) those popular band shirts were always the legit band logos or photos of the band.
I mean, even H&M knows better then to fuck with the sacramentals 🙂

This “Ramones rain coat”,  for example, I find deeply insulting.
Insulting for the band that will always carry immense, profound importance for me (as well as millions of other people whose lives they’ve touched in meaningful ways), but also insulting for me personally.
I’m not sure if it’s the sheer stupidity or is it the audacity that is so insulting. In any case, as Mark Twain wisely said:
“All you need in this life is ignorance and arrogance, then the success is sure”.

It’s exactly like those shirts C and I love studying at the Chinese market. Kids’ shirts with big prints on the front : “HAPPY JIZZ!” or “LOVE CUM SMILING IN ME”.
Only, apparently, it’s a famous brand, pricey even.
So, why not put a cartoon of the Ramones with “HOW TO WANDER” and “SHOW COW” printed all over it…
I just have this strong feeling that Dee Dee, Johnny, Joey, Tommy, Marky, Richie and even CJ would all totally prefer the good old god’s honest “HAPPY JIZZ!” instead

Screenshot - 10_28_2015 , 1_17_26 AM
By Desigual 16.000 din
Latest Turbo Folk Gear
AC/DC wine
I just hope it’s good
Even Kim knows certain things are not to be fucked with
piletu sise
53rd & 3rd…

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