From old person’s diarrhea to hashtag foodporn

I’m a wee bit envious of all those awesome foodporn posters & picture takers.
All food pics I’ve ever taken look, at best, utterly unappealing, kinda off-putting and, I’m not gonna lie, they bear uncanny resemblance to either human or duck baby poop (I testify from personal experience) or old person’s diarrhea (I’m guessing).
If you think I’m exaggerating, please do check a couple of C’s curry recipes I posted here on my blog, in “Food” section. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.
This inability of mine has been bugging me for many years. Mostly, because I am blessed with C – my ridiculously talented, endlessly wonderful, omnipotent husband who loves and knows how to cook really well. Like, seriously top-level, incredible sort of well.

C is a seriously brilliant music producer/musician. If he wasn’t, he would most definitely be a master chef. Specifically, The Curry Lord.
He already is, actually, which is well known fact to all the people who know him and all the musicians who come to record in our studio that is situated next to our kitchen-dining room area.

All our friends and clients know this only too well, so our dining room table is eternally (but especially Friday to Sunday) booked full capacity. Which is measly 8 chairs. Plus one almost-chair.

I tried. I tried so many times, I tried with different settings, under different lights… and every single photo I took of C’s sinfully heavenly delicious flavourfest dishes looked like something you should wipe off of your shoe.
Which would always leave me feeling rather embarrassed, angry, slightly thick or at least inadequate and above all – sad about the fact that I, of all people, I – in every imaginable way C’s biggest fan, that I am simply unable to capture his amazing talent and all those dishes he puts so much love and skill in.. jamming spice n herbs in the kitchen, with a glass of wine and Parliament Funkadelic cranked up to 11.
When the dish is done and we all sit at the table, mouths already watering from the intoxicating smells filling up the house all evening, I usually use the only window of opportunity, before the food disappears, and I quickly and very carefully take a few pictures (with my old Sony camera, not a cell phone).

Like a proper severely mentally challenged person, I am genuinely always hopeful about the result. THIS time it’ll loo gorgeous! THIS one goes straight to Instagram! Hashtag foodporn, beyach!
And each single time, when I excitedly open those photos on my lap-top, I get the same sick and disappointing feeling. I feel like I just thoroughly shat all over C’s gorgeous dinner table, not missing a single pan nor plate.

The truth is – and I found this out much later – taking beautiful photos of curry is virtually impossible. Try finding any online. The “official” ones, used in cook books and famous chefs’ blogs are, just like any other pro food pic, either photos of fake food or photos that had been Photoshopped silly.
In that respect, I suppose I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. Or at least that’s what C tells me to comfort me.

So, I gave up on food photography for a while. I think the last food pic I took or posted was a photo of Vanja’s first ice-cream, made from scratch. But for a while I had no desire to photograph food. Untill last night, that is.
C and Vanja decided to surprise me on a Friday night, knowing it’ll be late when I come home from work and chances are that I’ll be starving.
They ordered some sushi for dinner. It’s a well known Belgrade shushi place – Moon Sushi, but we never tried eating there before.

The three little Moon Sushi boxes where already here when I came home, starving. We admired the appearance of this particular sushi selection, taking everything out on a wooden tray. And then I simply couldn’t help myself. It all looked like it was made for picture taking. Like that was the reason that sushi was made and sent to my home.
The boys devoured theirs while I was fetching the camera, so what was left was just my portion.
So – there it is. I took probably 30 quick pics and then went to enjoy my dinner. And it was delicious. I just wish it was two times bigger, that’s all.
Tonight, when I opened the folder with sushi pics and started going through the photos… well.. I am here right now, right?
I managed to take some food photos that actually don’t look like excrement! At all! I think they look just delightfully delicious! And yes, I am well aware of the fact that they are a little bit blurry. That’s just how I see the world 🙂

And I  know… it’s not C’s food…and it certainly isn’t curry.. but it is a step in the right direction. And it has made me determined not to stop trying. I will take pictures and practice and eat the most delicious curries and one day soon… I will share on social networks a beautiful, tempting, lovely pic of steamin’ hot sexy curry plate that will make many mouths water.

Untill that day, I will much more frequently order out sushi.
#foodporn #yumyum #moonsushi #

Moon Sushi Belgrade
Moon Sushi Belgrade

Colors n TexturesJust gorgeous

Moon Sushi Belgrade
Moon Sushi Belgrade

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