Brief Factology of Homegrown Paradise

  1. tomatini čeri bejbi paradajz
  2. These are the most delicious little pear-shaped baby cherry tomatoes we’ve ever tasted
  3. They are homegrown organic cherry tomatoes or as I used to call them all my life – tomatoes.
  4. I’m not sure if it’s because they are in green-yellow-red combo, but I discovered that Burning Spear (especialy the “Zenith” gig from1988) compliments it perfectly.
  5. These were grown and given to us by our dear friends Ana and Duda (co-grown by Katarina), which makes them even sweeter by default.
  6. This picture was taken one hour after we brought them home, washed them and put them in this bowl. They started disappearing incredibly fast, so I quickly took this picture, before they were all gone.
  7. These are so juicy, delicious, full of flavour and sweet, that even Junior eats them like grapes, without bread or anything else.
  8. Actually, they are like chocolate pralines or some tasty addictive unhealthy snacks – we all grab a handful every time we pass the table. They are THAT delicious.
  9. These were grown here in Belgrade, on a little patch of soil my friends rent. Everything they grow, they take home. I can’t think of a better system for city folk (and especially city kids) to obtain quality fruit and veg, nor a better way for vacant city lots to be used.
  10. There is something so very special about growing delicious veg or fruit yourself. And then sharing it with your friends.
  11. In Serbian, the word for tomatoes is “paradajz” (yep, paradise). Now I know why.

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