Drama in the ER

1. And suddenly, just as I was leaving the house to go to one of those preciously rare visits to a dear friend, on her Birthday… we had an emergency admittance in our…um… ER

Patient brought to the OR

The Patient admitted is Beertje, a 10 year old male fluffly mammal, of the Ursidae family.
Beertje the Patient was brought in by his human buddy, who couldn’t explain the exact nature of this severe injury but looked utterly sad and a bit guilty. The Patient was responsive but might have received a wee bit too much pain-killers, so he was giggling even though his ear was almost completely detached from his head.

2. Quickly, nurse! The patient is loosing too much fluff!

Operation in progress

After a few very dramatic touch-and-go moments, during which it was necessary to administer a lolly to Beertje’s inconsolable next-of-kin, our team of one expert managed to save the patient’s hearing and re-attach the ear. Thanks to the thick fur, there will be no visible scarring and there will be no need for any type of cosmetic or reconstructive surgical procedures.

3. Post-op at the Intensive Bear Unit

Intensive Bear Unit
Out of the OR, successfully recovering, and right back into the bed he shares with his ecstatically happy human BFF.
Another good day in the ER!
And now, after all this OR drama and extreme emotional rollercoaster, mummy can quickly get out of scrubs and try to make it to her friend’s birthday party, hopefully before the last guests leave.
Rushing out, I can’t help feeling so incredibly happy… that he didn’t lose any hearing in that ear.
14 March 015.


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