A Very Quick Dear Diary Photo Note

“At home she feels like a tourist
At home she feels like a tourist
She fills her head with culture
She gives herself an ulcer”
(Gang of Four “At Home He’s a Tourist”)

Wednesday, June 18th 2014.

Dear Diary,
I do realize I look like a proper tourist, walking through the same Belgrade streets I’ve been walking through literally daily, for the last 40 years.
For example, all these pics (and many more) were taken yesterday during a single 20-30 minute stroll.
We walked a few blocks away from our home to pick up V’s buddy at Zeleni Venac and took him back to our place for a playdate and for his (buddy’s) very first – sleepover! Oh, the excitement…oh, the happiness… I’ve said it before but let me say it again: there is something deeply special about sweet kids interacting.
Anyhoo, back to the album; I’m not sure if it’s simply just because I’ve been here from day one and because it’s my own and I know it better then any other geographic location, or is it because it actually IS a combo different then any other, somehow embedded in my DNA and taste buds… The thing is, I’ve been lucky to travel, visit other countries, spend considerable time in some fantastic, spectacular or just different, cities and places… But I’ve never taken the camera out of my bag 27 times during a 20 minute walk (through the neighborhood I know very well), anywhere else in the world.
I would think it’s because this is my (favorite or/and only) home, so it’s all completely subjective, but then I realized that C. feels the same as I. Which was, still is, one of the reasons why I dig him so much. He’s a born Belgrader (Dorćolac) in the best sense of the word, with a tiny technical, administrative error – the first time he set foot in here was only a decade ago. But once the Universe realized this glitch, it was swiftly and completely corrected, to our utter satisfaction.
I don’t know. Maybe most of my fellow Belgradians would find these scenes I captured thoroughly dull, unexciting or even depressing. Maybe they would be right. No idea. To me, this place – with this particular combination of all of it’s ancient and recent fucked up history, cultural, sociological and anthropological extremes – together with the fact that I am now here, is such a complete statistical impossibility, such a ludicrous notion, that it makes it almost exciting by default.
Apart from all that, I totally dig the climate 🙂




  1. Thank you very much, Andy. Coming from you (being the author of those many wonderful Belgrade photos I often admire), I take your kind words as a big compliment. Will you be coming back any time soon? I sure hope you will 🙂


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