One chance encounter at the Belgrade beach in August 2012.

I was very, very close to running away with Rindy, right there and then.





  1. Ooooooooh, he (?) is so so so cute. At a Belgrade beach? Really? (Ada Ciganlija?) Who owns pet pigs in Belgrade? (Sorry many questions) I would have run away with him… and cuddle him forever… so cute!


  2. Yes, it is a “he” and yes, he is probably the cutest, warmest, cuddliest little “he” I have ever kissed on the snout. And he kissed me back! And he talked to me! I’ve been wanting to write a little story about that encounter since it had happened, actually. And I promise I will, in the next couple of days. That is the least I can do in honor of this endlessly delightful little прасенце who I should have stolen. Regret is not my thing at all, but not stealing him does make me feel sad and…guilty even. People who brought him to the beach named him Чварак. For the rest of my days, I will be hoping he didn’t become one.


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